Welcome to the project

Welcome to the project

About the project

We are a group of bioenergy therapists from various parts of the world with many years of experience in this field. We agreed to take part in this international project, the aim of which is to prove that healing energy exists and can help many people struggling with various types of health problems.
If you are not interested in this topic, just walk away and get on with your current life. If you know someone who needs this help, please spread the word. If you want to benefit from this type of therapy, go for it. Be a free person, live according to your rules, but do not impose your views on others. Let everyone follow the path they choose.
The cost of monthly (daily) therapy is £5 per month. This is not an error! Our goal is to help as many people as possible, not to maximize profits. We work in shifts every day, 365 days a year. We are and will remain anonymous because we do not care about fame.

How can we help
Chronic pain, sciatica, postoperative conditions. Pain, except postoperative pain, occurs as a result of muscle contracture. These, in turn, are caused by irritation of the nervous system. Any exercises at the gym or any other strenuous effort are therefore not advisable as it may result in muscle strain or tearing. You will see the first effects after a week of therapy. The duration of treatment is an individual matter and depends largely on your lifestyle. However, it will not last longer than 2 months. If you have back pain, check your inner thighs for pain. Touch the area from the knee to the groin and look for painful areas. If there are painful places, it means that one or two adductor muscles have contracted. In this case, long walks and prolonged standing are no longer possible. Until we relax these muscles, we need to take precautions and avoid movement. If someone tells you that if you have a spinal hernia you should walk a lot or go to the gym, they have no idea about the treatment of such diseases.
Depression, anxiety. Depression, like the above-mentioned diseases, lasts only a matter of two months. If you are taking any medications, consult your doctor about slowly discontinuing them during this period. Depression is a state of mind, but in our opinion, such people often go to psychiatrists too early. After all, we have psychologists and weaker drugs such as hydroxyzinum, which can be prescribed by an internist. Depression is not a mental illness and psychotropic drugs are often administered too quickly and have no effect. If you have depressive symptoms, start by analyzing your surroundings. Toxic relationship, problems with children, inappropriate job. Generally, we do not provide individual advice on this project because there are too many willing people. However, if you have depressive symptoms, you can write to us at kontakt@regional.pl and our therapist will contact you via e-mail in your native language.

Cancer. In the case of cancer, bioenergy therapy is supposed to act as a supplement and strengthen the body, which is very weakened by the disease, but also by chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Do not send us questions about whether you should take this or that medicine. That’s what doctors are for. The effectiveness of bioenergy therapy combined with traditional medicine in this case gives unexpected results. Your surroundings are an important element in the fight against cancer. You must feel safe, you must have people close to your heart around you. Cancers “like” an unstable nervous system. You need to maximize activities that will calm you down, soothe your nerves, and give you the will to live. This is what bioenergy therapy is for.
Diabetes, hypertension. We are able to normalize sugar levels and hypertension within 3 months. Normalize means that in the case of diabetes, we can reduce insulin to the level of oral medications, and in the case of hypertension, we manage to completely normalize the body. An important element here are consultations with your doctor and regular measurements of blood pressure and sugar levels. If you notice that your current medications are too strong for you, ask your doctor to select appropriately smaller doses of medications.
Digestive system, stomach, constipation, flatulence, diarrhea. We should be able to cope with these ailments in one month. Remember that constipation is also a dysfunction of the nervous system. You just need to calm him down and this is where bioenergy therapy will work perfectly. Remember – if you have severe abdominal pain accompanied by vomiting and fever, go to the doctor. If you have appendicitis or, even worse, peritonitis, you cannot avoid the hospital. Natural medicine is intended to help you with chronic ailments, not emergencies requiring surgical intervention. It’s similar with a hernia. No one has yet invented a method other than surgery, but nowadays it is a two-day stay in the hospital.

Parkinson, Alzheimer’s disease. We have extensive experience in this field. Here we need to work with the brain for a long period of time and, of course, we do not stop taking medications. The duration of such therapy is 6 months. There is often a remission of the disease, i.e. calm down, but you must take into account that the disease returns after a few months with less intensity, but it does come back. Is it worth trying anyway? We leave this decision to you. We honestly describe our experiences in this regard.
Conditions after strokes and strokes, paresis of body parts. We have many clients with whom we work every day with such diseases. Some people regain full fitness, some to partial fitness. The treatment lasts about two years. Important !!! In such a condition, a person must be rehabilitated at least twice a week!!! Don’t believe in empty promises – miraculous dietary supplements, pseudo-bioenergotherapists, because you will be disappointed. We work with such people every day, we often go to their homes because some of us are also rehabilitators, so we combine traditional medicine with natural medicine. Bioenergy therapy is designed to support rehabilitation by relaxing muscles and constantly calming the nervous system. We have such people among our friends, sometimes even in extended family. We know what you are going through, how you feel, but that doesn’t mean we can’t help. Buy yourself one month of treatment to start with. You will see how, day by day, your brain will want to relax its muscles, how your faith in recovery and the will to live will increase. Don’t give up!

Kidneys urinary system. If you are prone to kidney stones, you should start by monitoring your daily water intake. 1.5 liters is the minimum you need to keep an eye on. Choose the type of water that suits you: still, slightly carbonated, carbonated. It is not true that carbonated water is harmful! In the case of kidney stones, the opposite is true. Carbon dioxide present in water dilates the urinary tract, so if you feel that the stone is moving towards the urethra, drink as much carbonated water as possible. To get rid of stones from the body, we need 3-4 months of treatment. If you are planning to buy the treatment and you know in advance that you will not drink water, don’t worry because you will only lose money. It has to be a two-way job.

Heart diseases. If you have a heart condition, you must see a cardiologist! If you are taking blood thinning medications, avoid, for example, eating nettle, which additionally thins the blood and may cause hemorrhages. Among natural methods, it is worth using rapeseed honey and bee pollen, which is rich in vitamins and minerals. One teaspoon a day should be enough. When it comes to our treatment, of course, under no circumstances should you stop taking your medications! During distance treatments, you will feel tingling or warmth around your heart. It will be a nice feeling that will calm your body and, if necessary, lower your heart rate. We have many cases in which we managed to regulate the heart function. Depending on the problem, the treatment lasts from 4 to 6 months. It is worth thinking about checking the food you eat frequently. In case of heart disease, very fatty food is very harmful.

Thyroid gland, skin diseases, lung diseases, varicose veins and other diseases. Comments. That’s what energy is for, to help us. The length of the treatment depends on many factors, such as your age and the advancement of the disease. This therapy certainly helps, but it must be used with understanding and common sense. First of all, using this therapy does not exempt you from taking medications that have been prescribed to you by a traditional medicine specialist. For example, if bioenergy therapy for the heart lasts on average 5 months, sudden discontinuation of medications may have tragic consequences. The same applies to diseases requiring surgical intervention, as well as to cancer. Has anyone recovered from cancer without chemotherapy or radiotherapy? Of course it worked. But we don’t know what the cancer was, whether it was malignant, what the stage of the disease was. We will be happy to help you, but we remind you once again to use common sense. You will feel better, you will start to have the will to live like never before, you will believe in something that was impossible for you before. However, it is still not a magic wand that will cure you of all diseases in a week. This is energy that, generally speaking, is intended to help you in life. Change your perspective on many issues, slowly heal your body, calm you down after a hard day, help you change your life if necessary.
And here is an important note that should help you understand a lot. If you are in a toxic relationship, you have a job that causes you disgust and stomach pain, you devote yourself endlessly to your child or another loved one without thinking about yourself at all, you will feel better, but after some time the symptoms will return. Most diseases arise from disorders of the nervous system. So if you continue to stay in a toxic environment, the improvement in health will only be temporary. If your husband has been beating you and drinking away most of your money for years, leave him! If you devote your entire life to another person and you feel worse and worse, think about what will happen if you are gone? We know many different cases of a disabled child or a disabled spouse. However, there are caregivers, you can ask your family or friends for help. We don’t have to dwell on our problems alone.

Finally, a question regarding both natural and traditional medicine. If your rehabilitator leaves you with bruises after therapy and causes you more pain than what you experience every day, change him. If your doctor prescribes you increasingly stronger painkillers and does not refer you to rehabilitation and diagnostics, change him. It is similar with alternative medicine. During a visit to a bioenergy therapist, you should feel warm or cold, tingling, and relaxed. If there are no sensations, this is not a bioenergy therapist. If during your visit someone wants to sell you supplements for a lot of money that help with everything, turn around and leave. Your doctor or therapist, no matter what field, should be a person you trust. Your doctor should refer you for tests and not blindly prescribe medications. A herbalist should offer you herbs worth 2 euros, not supplements worth thousands. The bioenergotherapist should inform you about the expected duration of treatment based on his experience. If you have no experience and only a weekend course, you should not treat people, but gain experience on yourself, family, friends or in centers dealing with this type of therapy. When asked whether bioenergy therapy can be harmful, our answer is categorically NO! It will not have any harmful interactions with medications or other therapies. Can a fraudster bioenergotherapist harm you? If you don’t buy any suspicious dietary supplement from him, it won’t hurt you, but it won’t help you either. You’ll just lose money.
To sum up – you will find people with passion everywhere, and there will also be people without knowledge and experience who simply want to cheat you. We presented our point of view based on our many years of experience and thousands of people whom we tried to help as best we could.

How to use the service?
To begin with, we advise you to watch the film, which is constructed in such a way that you should have some feelings while watching it. If you don’t feel anything, consider whether this is therapy for you, whether you came here just for fun or whether you really need help.

  1. We pay the amount of GBP 5 to the account of our Partner in Poland:
    Bank account number: PL 95191010482402080259490001
    Title: here we enter the name and surname of the person on whom the therapy is to be performed and his or her most important diseases
    Remember that without a description in the transfer title, we are unable to start therapy.
  2. Every day for a month we go to bed at 20.00 (08.00 PM) your time for about 15 minutes. Be sure to turn down the phone and turn off the TV. It’s best if we’re alone in the room. We are supposed to be relaxed. We can turn on relaxing music if we like listening to it. We will feel tingling, heat or cold, sometimes a slight pain, which will subside after a minute. Day by day you will feel your health improving. If you don’t go to bed by 8 p.m., you will lose this day of therapy. It is not possible to change or transfer the dates. Remember that this is a global project and we work practically at cost.
  3. Contact
    If necessary (especially if you suffer from depression), you can write us an e-mail at kontakt@regional.pl and ask questions if something is unclear to you. First of all, please read the descriptions on the website where we have tried to describe everything clearly and legibly. We cannot be reached by phone. We do not respond to e-mails asking how bioenergy therapy works because the answers can be found on the Internet. We do not respond to inquiries of a religious nature. Religious denomination is an individual matter for each person. Remember that you should write to us only in cases of emergency.